About Rethink Value

For several years payers, providers, industry and academia have been discussing how to implement and scale Value-Based Healthcare beyond numerous pilot projects. However, history shows that Value-Based Healthcare has been challenged by lack of serious traction despite the obvious benefits for all stakeholders in the healthcare system – especially the patients. In the summer of 2019 a group of experienced healthcare KOLs sat down to discuss this paradox. We decided to initiate a Value-Based Healthcare think tank with the key-word “doing” as primary driver and not yet another club for academic discussions. Each of us hold more than a decade of healthcare experience and jointly we offer high-level real-world experience within healthcare economics, education, academia, innovation, healthcare financing, Value-Based Procurement and outcome-based business models.


Rethink Value is all about real-world Value-Based Healthcare. The ambition of Rethink Value is to inspire thinkers who practise and apply Value-Based Healthcare. A think tank that inspires stakeholders throughout the value-chain of health and care to push the evolution of true and capturable patient value in the healthcare systems of the future. A think tank serving as a differentiator, catalyst and advocate of tangible strategic partnerships between healthcare payers, providers and industry.  A think tank with the overall purpose of improving patient value by offering international perspective and best practice in order to inspire healthcare decisionmakers and industry on sustainable and transparent transaction models. Rethink Value is for people who believe in doing, sharing and caring for sustainable and valuable future healthcare.

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New report available for download

Around the world healthcare systems are exploring how Value-Based Healthcare can both improve the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare delivery and seed new opportunities for value generating innovation. We are very pleased to release a new perspective on how VBHC can have greater impact in practice. Based on insights from our first conference hosted by DTU Executive Business Education and undertaken in partnership with Future Agenda, this point of view looks at the key issues for patients, clinicians, providers, industry and payers.

It explores some of the associated implications for healthcare systems worldwide, highlights several leading early examples of VBHC in practice and looks at how it can have impact at scale. Recommendations focus on the structure of care, key metrics, moving beyond pilots, changes in reimbursement models and the need for greater insight sharing and deeper collaboration.

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The people behind Rethink Value
Co – founder
Sam Kondo Steffensen
More than 15 years of experience in healthcare innovation, consultancy, education and academia.
Co – founder
Lars Dahl Allerup
More than 12 years of experience in strategic healthcare investments and public procurement – a KOL in Value-Based Procurement and Public-Private Innovation.